Water Wars

  • Bote Bliye, Preservation Hall.
Bote Bliye, Preservation Hall.


Bote Bliye

Bote Bliye, Kreyol for “Forgotten Beauty,” is an intimate exhibition series featuring works from the Haitian Cultural Legacy Collection. In addition to works from the collection, the installation includes mementos from the lives of Dr. Jean Chenier Brierre and his wife Nicole Riboul Brierre. The series seeks to provide viewers with a personal account of the heritage of Haiti and the Brierre family, while also creating a mirror that prompts self and collective reflection. 

Each series is denoted as a “Mapou” to pay tribute to the mapou tree’s deep significance within Haitian culture while serving as a metaphor for the idea of each series being a new root within New Orleans’ relationship to its forgotten ancestor. This second mapou, entitled Manman Dlo, Kreyol for “Water Mother,” focuses on the underdiscussed roles that women have played throughout Haiti’s history. At its conceptual core, this iteration of the series illuminates the essentiality that women and water have played in Haitian culture - in addition to the sometimes forgotten roles that both have played within the essence of freedom and the creation and sustainability of life.